Noel Slevin

Writing about faith, politics, Eurovision, F1 and American Football, in any order.

I don't really have much here, but I might at some point. In the meantime, feel free to follow the links below to some other things I have on the go.


My main website has moved around a lot over the years, and this is where is currently is. It mainly covers politics, Eurovision and some Windows/web-based guides. The old content is missing, but may eventually be added if it's interesting enough to do so.


I run a FantasyF1 competition during the F1 season, pairing people up in teams, picking drivers they think will do well. Makes makes exciting seasons awesome and provides some entertainment when the racing's a bit duller. Open to new entries at the start of each new season.


People like chatting about events, like Eurovision and sport. I love talking about it too, with others who share the same interests. My Twitter followers don't always want to hear it though, so I have a space to share thoughts with others. Join in!